Providing high quality international private medical insurance when you need us the most

At Expacare, we have 30 years of experience providing International Private Medical Insurance. We provide 24-hour global assistance in an honest, professional and compassionate way. Our commitment to you is to ensure that we are available when you need us.

Recently, a US national suffered a serious injury whilst away with work. After falling down some stairs in Germany, Expacare made sure the only thing they had to focus on was recovery.

From the moment of injury, and throughout the complicated treatment, Expacare was right by his side. We were able to provide reassuring support and liaised directly with medical facilities to settle all costs as quickly as possible.

In addition, we pushed the hospital for regular updates on our member’s progress, provided consent forms, facilitated (and covered costs of) a second opinion. We also provided invaluable language support from our German-speaking team who were on hand to help when they were needed.

As he said: “I was only able to get help because of my wonderful insurance and would like to thank the Expacare team for everything.”