Moving abroad checklist

Moving to another country is a very exciting prospect but it can also be daunting and potentially stressful. Relocating abroad takes a lot of organisation and planning ahead to ensure that the transition is as smooth and seamless as possible.

Luckily we’ve put together this handy checklist to help you ensure that everything is taken care of prior to travel.


Make sure your passport is up to date

It may sound obvious but you can’t go anywhere without a passport. It also worth bearing in mind that some countries require you to have at least 6 months left on your passport on entrance.

VISA/travel documents

Research whether you need any additional documentation to enter the country you are moving to and ensure it is in place before you travel.


Make sure you have enough local currency to get you started when you arrive. This is particularly important if it is an uncommon currency as it may need to be ordered in specially in your home country.


Research in advance whether you need any injections or boosters as well as anything additional like malaria tablets before you travel.


Make an effort to learn some of the language, even if it is just a few key phrases. The locals are likely to be more friendly when they feel you’ve made an effort to speak their language.

Get registered

Once you arrive make sure you are registered with a dentist, doctor, optician etc. and make yourself familiar with where the nearest hospital is…just in case!


If there are any products/brands from your home/current country which you cannot get in the country you are going to and cannot live without stock up! Also, use your move as an excuse to get rid of possessions you no longer need or haven’t used in a while.

Prepare for the new climate

Wherever in the world you’re moving it is likely the climate will vary a little, or a lot, from your home country – be prepared with warm/cold weather clothes and accessories.

Get set up

Things like setting up a phone sim card/bank account/utilities may not be possible until you have arrived so make sure these are day one jobs.


It is vital to ensure you’ve planned ahead for your healthcare so that you are covered in any eventuality. At Expacare we offer a range of international health insurance plans to suit any individual.

Local knowledge

Find out about things like which plug sockets you will be using, the time difference between yourself and your family back home, as well as cultural adjustments (tipping/restaurant etiquette for example).

Get to know your immediate vicinity

You may know exactly where you’re moving to but chances are your new neighbourhood will be a little new to you, take time to explore your local area, taking note of where your nearest pharmacy, post office, supermarket, bank etc. are.

It is also definitely worth doing some research into local running clubs, exercise classes and gyms nearby – it’s not just beneficial for your fitness; exercise is a great way to meet new people and combat stress.

The above list is by no means exhaustive and there are many other things to consider when moving abroad. We hope it will act as a good starting point for you in your preparation ahead of your move.

At Expacare we understand the difficulties that come with moving abroad which is why is why we make it as quick and easy as possible to obtain healthcare cover.

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