Frequently asked questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about Expacare and our expatriate health insurance service, simply click on the question and the answer will be revealed. Please contact us with any other questions.

Questions about cover

How do I apply?

  • Download an application form, complete the details and simply return it to us by:
    • Email at
  • Call us on +44 (0)1344 233950
  • Contact us online via Contact us

How soon will my cover commence?

On Individual Plans, cover can commence upon completion of medical underwriting.

On Group Plans, in most circumstances, cover can commence immediately. Where further information is required, immediate cover may not be available until the information has been received and an offer made to you in writing.

When and how is the premium payable?

Your insurance premium is payable within 30 days of the start/renewal date of your policy to ensure continuity of cover and for claims payments to continue without interruption. If the premium is not received within 30 days, the policy will be automatically cancelled and no claims will be paid. Any eligible claims made will not be paid until premium payment is received.

Payment can be made using the following methods:

  • By Credit Card – Online via our secure credit card online payment system, or by providing us with the credit card details for debiting.
  • By bank transfer – bank details can be provided upon request. The currency of your plan will determine which bank account you must make payment to.

Can I pay by instalments?

Premiums can be paid annually. At Expacare we try to help our clients spread the cost by offering semi-annual or quarterly payment instalments, subject to a 2% or 4% administration charge respectively. If you have one of our Individual Policies and are living in the EEA, these changes will not apply.

Who is eligible for cover?

Our plans are particularly suited to expatriates who live and/or work outside their Home Country (country of origin for which you hold a passport).

Membership may depend on local insurance licensing legislation in your country of residence.

Can my family members also be covered?

Yes, immediate family members can be covered - these would include your husband or wife or partner you live with, any unmarried children, stepchildren and legally adopted children aged 24 and under. The terms of the policy must be the same for all members.

Child dependants aged 19-24 will be charged the child rate (0-18) as long as we receive written confirmation from the appropriate educational body that they are still in full time education. Child dependants who are no longer eligible for cover on this plan (aged 25 and over) may take out a plan in their own right.

Is there an upper age limit?

The age limit for a new applicant for an Individual Plan or a Corporate Advantage Plan is 64. We do not accept new applicants over 65 on these Plans.

Once enrolled, we will not cancel your cover because of your age.

For new applicants to a Group policy, if you are 65 years old or over, you will be required to complete a simple medical questionnaire, and the terms of your cover will be determined upon the information you provide us with. Pre-existing conditions will be specifically excluded and cover will not start until you have accepted the exclusions within 6 weeks of notification.

Will I need a medical examination?

Medical examinations are not required by Expacare. You may be required to provide some additional medical information when a claim is made.

How long is the period of cover?

All policies are annual contracts of insurance.

Do Expacare’s plans renew automatically?

No. We will correspond with you and ask for confirmation that you wish to renew your policy

Do Expacare exclude pre-existing medical conditions from cover?

Expacare’s Individual Choices plan operates on a full medical underwriting basis. Full Medical Underwriting means that you complete a medical health questionnaire which we will review and decide the basis on which we can accept you for cover. We may need to contact your doctor to ask for further information. We will provide written confirmation of any excluded medical conditions in our offer.

Group Members must be aware of the Duty of Fair Presentation.

All members must answer any questions we or Insurers ask you in connection with your insurance truthfully and to the best of your knowledge and belief. If all such information is not disclosed by you, Insurers have the right to cancel the contract for this plan from its inception which may lead to claims not being paid.

The Corporate Advantage Plan operates on a Simplified Medical Underwriting basis.

Will medical exclusions that apply to my policy be reviewed?

Medical exclusions may be reviewed upon your request and only at renewal.

Am I covered if I travel away from my area of cover?

If the Out of (geographic) area cover benefit is shown on your insurance certificate, you have a limited benefit (shown on your insurance certificate) outside your geographical area of cover for emergency treatment only.

Out of area cover is limited to six weeks in total per policy year, which is calculated from the day you arrive outside your geographical area. Any non-emergency treatment received outside the Area of Cover chosen by you, will not be covered by this policy.

Can I seek Treatment anywhere in the world?

You are covered for eligible benefits within your chosen Geographic Area (sometimes called area of cover).

Am I covered for winter/water sports?

Yes, within the limits of your chosen plan, you are covered for on-piste skiing, skating and curling. You are not covered for any scuba below a depth of 10m. You are not covered for any form of motor powered racing, or any professional sport.

Will my cover be affected if I return to my home country?

If you move back to your home country, your cover may stay in force at our discretion. If you are an American citizen returning to the USA, we will automatically cancel your cover after you have been in the USA for more than 3 consecutive months.

If I want my plan to have a zero voluntary deductible (no excess), can this be done?

Yes. Mandatory excesses may still apply to certain benefits and these will be detailed on your Insurance Certificate and in the Membership Guide.

If I accept an additional voluntary deductible (excess) on my plan, will it reduce the premium payable?


How is the Policy Excess applied?

Please refer to the Membership Guide and your Insurance Certificate for full details.

What factors will affect my premium?

The premiums on our Individual and Small Group Plans are age-related and operate in a series of age bands. Although your age obviously increases every year, your plan will not necessarily attract any age-related premium increase. This will only occur when you move into the next age band.

The claims experience of our Tailor-Made plans will affect the premium.

Medical Inflation will be factored in the calculation of premiums. This represents the increase across a broad spectrum of medical treatments and the year on year increase in treatment delivery costs across the world.

What will I receive in my Membership Pack?

You will receive a Certificate of Insurance and Membership Card for each insured family member, a Membership Guide, a Membership Guide Supplement, a Guide to Making a Claim and Claim Forms.

Questions about policy changes

Can I change the level of cover during the policy term?

No, changes to the contract can only be made at renewal. The only exception is if the policyholder is moving to a country which falls into a new area of cover in which case, the area of cover can be increased.

Can I change the currency that I pay my premium in?

A change in currency can be made at renewal but it will result in you having to apply for a new policy with terms and conditions of a new policy being applicable.

When can I change my policy?

Policy changes (level of cover, area of cover, excess) can be made at renewal, subject to acceptance. The premium currency can be changed at renewal but where moratorium underwriting applies this will also change the start date of the moratorium. Where full medical underwriting applies, you will need to apply for a new policy.

How do I change my policy?

Policy changes must be notified in writing by the main policyholder or appointed broker.

What happens if I change my mind and wish to cancel the policy?

On Individual plans there is a 14-day ‘cooling off’ period from the date of receipt of the insurance certificate, during which time the contract may be cancelled. This would be effective from the start date and premiums will be refunded. No claims will be met if the plan is cancelled. If a claim has been made, premiums will not be refunded.

Questions on making a claim

How do I make a claim under my international medical insurance plan?

Full details of the claims process including pre-authorisation can be found in our Guide to Making a Claim documents.

How will I know which claim form to complete?

The relevant claim form will be included with your Membership Pack. It is important that you return your claim form to the correct address depending on your location. The correct address will be shown on the claim form and Guide to Making a Claim document enclosed in your Membership Pack.

Please contact us on or at +44 (0) 1344 233900, if you have a query regarding which claim form you need to complete.

Will I be required to complete a claim form if I have received in-patient treatment?

If Pre-authorisation has been sought and a Guarantee of payment has been placed by us, no further claim form will be required for the authorised treatment.

If you have paid for the treatment and are seeking reimbursement, a fully completed claim form will be required.

Please ensure that you have contacted us prior to the treatment taking place to obtain pre-authorisation, we will advise you of any additional information we may require. See membership guide for more details.

How do I know that I am covered before receiving Treatment?

You must get our pre-authorisation in writing to receive benefits for the following services:

  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Hospital admission as an in-patient
  • Psychiatric treatment
  • Rehabilitation for alcohol and drug addiction
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Repatriation of mortal remains or local burial costs
  • Over 7 sessions of Physiotherapy
  • All maternity care
  • Hospice care
  • Rehabilitation as an alternative to acute care
  • Over 7 sessions of complementary therapy
  • Out of geographic area cover for emergency treatment

In an emergency, you (or someone acting for you) should tell us within 24 hours of hospital admission. We will decline part of the claim if we have not pre-authorised these benefits.

If you have not pre-authorised, we will only pay up to 80% of what we consider to be reasonable and customary towards your claim.

Full details of the claims procedures are available in the Membership Guide and on Guide to Making a Claim.

Questions for corporate/group

What is the minimum group size?

  • 1 employee on a Corporate Advantage Plan.
  • 5 employees on a Choices book rated scheme.
  • 30 employees on a Tailor Made scheme.

What is the maximum number allowable within a group plan?

There is no maximum allowable number within a group plan.

Will our employees need to provide medical evidence to join?

No, although there is a duty to disclose all material matters relating to the risk. All employees on a Corporate Advantage Plan must complete a simplified medical questionnaire.

Will my occupation affect my premiums?

No, the occupation is not considered a rating factor unless the occupation is particularly hazardous.

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