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If you’re living or working in the Lebanon, we have created four medical insurance plans for you to choose from to ensure you are covered when you need it.

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Securus Ultracare – our most comprehensive health insurance plan covering hospital treatment and services, in addition to outpatient care, Ultracare also includes cover for cancer treatment and chronic conditions. Additional benefits include dental, maternity and wellness.

Securus Extensivecare – a more traditional health insurance plan that still offers a full refund for hospital services and cancer treatment, whilst adding a significant level of out-patient benefits

Securus Essentialcare – offering a full package of hospital treatment and services cover, Essentialcare also includes cover for Accident & Emergency services, MRI, CT and PET scans along with a range of other benefits not often provided by similar plans available in the market.

Securus Supercare – if you’re looking for just the basics, our low cost Supercare plan is designed to act as a top up to any existing cover held through a company policy. It covers the more expensive elements of most medical treatments by sharing the cost with you through a planned excess.

All our Lebanon Health Insurance Plans come with the added reassurance of cover for medical evacuations in emergency situations.

For further information about our Securus plans, contact our partner in Lebanon Kapital Builders either by email on info@expacare.com or by phone on +9611 215 844

Expacare plans in the Lebanon are offered under license by Assurex Insurance and delivered exclusively by Kapital Builders.

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"There were some complications in my claims, however Expacare was very considerate in understanding my difficulties and the circumstances. I must say that the staff who handled my claims were extraordinarily positive and their responses were swift which is much appreciated."

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